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The TM1637 4 Digits 7 Segment Led Display Module

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4-digit digital display module with adjustable LED brightness 
The module is a 12-pin 4-digit common number with clock point Code tube (0.36 inch) display module, drive The moving chip is TM1637, only 2 signal lines are needed Make the single chip computer control 4-bit 8-segment digital tube. 1. The display device is 4-digit common red digital tube 2. 8-level gray scale of digital tube is adjustable 3. The control interface level can be 5V or 3.3V 4. Four M2 screw positioning holes for easy installation 

Module features are as follows:
1. Display common anode for the four red LED
2. Digital tube 8 gray adjustable
3. Level control interface for 5V or 3.3V
4. Size:42X24X12mm

The TM1637 4 Digits 7 Segment Led Display Module with Clock for Arduino is an affordable solution for displaying the output data of your Arduino project. Though the data displayed is restricted by numbers still it allows users to display some characters too like A, B, C etc.
This 7 segment LED Display has 4 digits which are controlled by TM1637 Driver Chip. It requires only two connections to control this TM1637 4 Digits 7 Segment Led Display Module. Also thanks to the I2C Bus you can control it using only 2 wires, leaving more pins available on your MicroController to connect other things.
The module is a 12-foot clock with four common anode tube (0.36 inch) display module for driver IC TM1637, only two signal lines can make the MCU control four 7-segment digital tubes.

Pinout Description of TM1637 4 Digits 7 Segment Led Display Module with Clock for Arduino :-

LED Display module to Arduino

GND    –    GND
Vcc      –    5V
DIO     –     D2
CLK     –     D3

Features of TM1637 4 Digits 7 Segment Led Display Module with Clock for Arduino:-

Ease to use.
Ease of multiplexing.
Can use as a 4 digit display unit.
Can use as a clock display.
DIY clock project.
4 digit display unit.
Electrical/Electronic projects.
The counter project using 7 segment display.
4 M2 screws positioning holes for easy installation

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