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TTP223-Модуль кнопки емкостного сенсорного переключателя на 12В

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12V Capacitive Touch Switch Sensor Module Push Button Touching Key Module Jog Latch With Relay DC 6-20V 3A

Product Introduction:

1.Input/output:DC 6-20V(Note: Regulated power supply is supported, constant current power supply is temporarily not supported)
2.Driviing Current:3A
3.Standby Current:6MA
4.Board Size:24*32*1.6mm
5.Feature:can set latch,sensitivity can be adjustable

This module is used by most customers to modify cars and motorcycles, LED lights and light strips, mirror touch, and all kinds of devices that need to directly carry loads, etc.
The touch module can be set to jog or latch, the sensitivity is adjustable (no capacitance welding, the highest zero degree. The default delivery), and the lead can also be touched.
Indicator light: The blue light has no output when it is powered on, and the red light has an output; the output is equal to the input.

With ICs:
78L05- voltage regulator, 
TTP223 ( 223B )- touch sensor,
NCE3060K -30A 60V N-MOSFET TO-252
AOD472 -N channal MOSFET 25V 20A  TO-252


Добавил: elektronwik1, Вт, 2021-10-19

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