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Signal Generator 1Hz-150Khz 3.3V-30V PWM Module

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Signal Generator PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module LCD Display 1Hz-150Khz 3.3V-30V PWM Board Module


PWMPulse frequency duty cycle adjustable module square wave rectangular wave signal generator
Module highlights:

1. LCD with ShellLCD display frequency and duty cycle, very clear, PWMOutput can be set frequency and duty cycle respectively;
2.Wide frequency range and high precision;
3.Serial Communication

1. Module description

PWMOutput, you can set frequency and duty cycle respectively;

The frequency is divided into four ranges, automatic switching:

1. XXX(No decimal point): the minimum unit is1Hz, value range1Hz~999Hz;
2. X.XX(The decimal point is 100) the smallest unit is0.01Khz, value range1.00Khz~9.99Khz;
3.  XX.X(The decimal point is ten): the minimum unit is0.1Khz; ValueScope10.0KHz~99.9KHz
4.  X.X.X (Decimal places are ten and hundred.): the minimum unit is1Khz; ValueScope1KHz~150KHz

e.g. Frequency Display:100 RepresentationPWMOutput100HzPulse;

                        1.01 RepresentationPWMOutput1.01KPulse;
                        54.1 RepresentationPWMOutput54.1KHzPulse;

Duty cycle value range:0~100%;
Save all parameters.

2. Parameter settings

Modules include4Independent buttons, used to set the frequency and duty cycle, support short Press (increase or decrease one unit) and long Press (increase or decrease quickly), very simple, set the parameters automatically saved, power failure is not lost.

3. Module parameters:

1.Operating voltage:3.3~30V;
2.Frequency range:1Hz~150KHz;
3.Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is2%Left and right;
4.Signal load capacity: the output current can be5~30maLeft and right;
5.Output amplitude:PWMThe amplitude is equal to the supply voltage;
6.Ambient temperature:-20~+70℃.

IV. Scope of Application:

1.Used as a square wave signal generator to generate square wave signals for experimental development;
2.Used to generate square wave signal for controlling motor driver;
3.Generate adjustable pulseMCUUse;
4.Generate adjustable pulse and control related circuit (PWMDimming speed regulation and other applications).

V. Serial port control(Single Chip MicrocomputerTTLLevel communication)

Communication Standard:9600 bpsData bit :8
Stop position :1
Check bit :none
Flow Control :none

1,         SettingsPWMFrequency
"F101":Set the frequency101 HZ     (001~999)
"F1.05":Set the frequency1.05 KHZ      (1.00~9.99)
"F10.5":Set the frequency10.5KHZ  (10.0~99.9)
"F1.0.5":Set the frequency105KHZ  (1.0.0~1.5.0)
2,         SettingsPWMDuty cycle
"DXXX":SettingsPWMThe duty cycle of ISXXX;(001~100)
For exampleD050, setPWMDuty cycle is50%
3,         Read setting parameters
Sendread"String, read the set parameters.
The settings returned successfully:DOWN;
Failed to set:FALL.

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