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RX480E 433МГц Обучающий 4-каналный беспроводной модуль код декодирования 1527

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Aokin RF 433MHZ Wireless Receiver Module RX480E Transmitter Receiver Learning Code Decoding 1527 4 Channel For Arduino Diy Kit 

Product Description:

Transmitter module
Product Model: TX118SA-4
Transmitting power: 11dbm
Emission current: 10 mA
Rate of fire: maximum 10KB / S
Operating Voltage: DC 3V-24V
Encoding : EV1527 1527 Learning code
Each module has a unique address code, the address code of K1~K4 which are on the same module is the same.

Receiver module 
Product Model: RX480-E4 
Working Voltage : DC3.3~5V
Quiescent Current : ≤5mA
Output current : 10 mA
Working Frequency: 433MHz
Receive Sensitivity: -108dB
Working Temperature : -25~75
Working mode: Momentary Mode , self-locking (Toggle-Mode of the 4 Channels) , interlocking
The output: 4 channel CMOS level signal Corresponding to the remote control ABCD 4 buttons.
Pins Instruction
GND : ground or negative pole
+V : DC3.3~5V input
D0: Data output
D1: Data output
D2: Data output
D3: Data output
VT: Output

How to match the transmitter and receiver
1. Delete existing data: Press learning button(on the receiver) 8 times. Response: LED flashes 7 times.
2. Learning remote code: press learning button(on the receiver) once, twice or three times (see below).
LED turns on: learning mode is active. Press any button of the remote control.
LED indicator flashes three times: learning successfully completed.
3. Test: after the above operation , the receiver board can be controlled by the remote control.
More transmitters with different IDs can be learned and stored additionally, starting with step 2.
A mixture of different modes is possible.

Button usage (sets mode and starts pairing process):
Press once: Inching mode (Momentary Mode)
Press twice: self-Lock Mode (Toggle-Mode of the 4 Channels)
Press three times: interlocked mode (selected chann



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