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CJMCU-2551 MCP2551 High-speed CAN Protocol Controller Bus Interface Module

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CJMCU-2551 MCP2551 CAN protocol controller high-speed bus interface module

CJMCU-2551 is a fault-tolerant, high-speed CAN devices can be used as CAN protocol controller and the physical bus interface. MCP2551 provides differential receive capability to the CAN protocol controller, which is fully in line with ISO-11898 standards, including energy 24V requirements.

   Typically, each node on the CAN system must have a device, the digital signal is converted into CAN controller generates a signal for bus transport. It also provides high voltage spikes between CAN controller and CAN bus joined the buffer, these high-pressure spikes may be generated by an external device.

Support 1MB / S's run rate.
Meet the ISO-11898 standard physical layer requirements.
Suitable for 12V and 24V systems. Slope external control, reduce RFI.
Automatic detection TXD input ground fault.
Power-on reset and voltage brown-out protection.
Unpowered node or Brown will not affect CAN bus.
Low current standby operation.
Up to 112 nodes can be connected.

Добавил: elektroshoker22, Вт, 2023-09-05

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