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Low-voltage AC-DC step-down LM2596HV module adjustable power supply module

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In current module using LM2596T chip
Product Features
1. Using high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed
2. Using plug-in LM2596HV, high voltage version of LM2596
3. The appearance of the product is exquisite
4. Simple and convenient to use
5. Wide application

Input voltage range: AC5V~30V, DC5V~50V
Output range: DC3.3V~33V
Output current range: up to 2.2A (the voltage regulator chip can withstand a large current of 3A, and can work at an output current of 3A in a short time)
Output power: 35W

          Using the plug-in LM2596HV, the high-voltage version of the LM2596, the maximum input voltage is 50V (limited by the withstand voltage of the filter capacitor), and the heat sink can withstand high current operation. The input terminal adopts a 4A rectifier bridge stack to input AC power, and has a dedicated DC input port, which is commonly used for AC and DC input. The output voltage can be adjusted, the range is 3.3V~33V, and the output voltage will vary with different input voltage ranges.
          The input AC voltage is AC5V~AC30V or DC5V-48V. Since the AC voltage fluctuates greatly, the recommended AC voltage range has reserved a margin. The power module adopts plug-in LM2596HV with external heat sink, the high-voltage version of LM2596, the maximum input voltage is 48V (limited by the filter capacitor withstand voltage) with external heat sink, the output current can work stably at 2.2A output current for a long time, It can work under the output current of 3A for a short time. There are screen-printed terminal names on the front of the PCB and the names of the silk-screened terminals on the back. When soldering the leads, please recognize them before soldering to prevent damage..

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