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ESP32 Development Board WiFi+Bluetooth Dual Core with CP2102 CH9102X CH340

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ESP32-WROOM-32 Development Boards WiFi+Bluetooth Ultra-Low Power Consumption Dual Core CP2102 CH9102X 

Option ESP32 Development Board Code
A ESP32-WROOM-32 micro-USB CH9102 30pin 0551-ND03
B ESP32-WROOM-32 micro-USB CP2102 30pin 0551-ND03
C ESP32-WROOM-32 micro-USB CP2102 38pin  
D ESP32-C3-13U 4MB Wifi Bluetooth micro-USB CH340 30pin  

1. The main body of the module is ESP-WROOM-32 module, and the peripheral uses the USB serial port chip CP2102 to expand the micro USB interface, which can be directly debugged by a USB connected computer, and the data transmission is fast and stable.
2. It has power indicator (red light) and working status indicator (blue light) on it, so you can know the status of the module at any time.
3. There are two touch buttons, one is reset, the other is enable module to enter the halberd program mode. In addition, the pins on both sides of the development board are convenient for developers to connect and use.
4. The module has powerful Bluetooth-compatible and WiFi functions. As a Bluetooth-compatible and WiFi development board, it can obtain rich resources from Lexin and anxinco official websites.
5. In addition, the module supports for NodeMCU and other development environments, which expands the range of its resources available and greatly improves the ease of learning and development. Of course, it can also be widely used in Internet of things occasions, such as home automation, wireless industrial control, wireless positioning system signal, etc.

1. The module is the ESP- WROOM-32 development board, and the ESP- WROOM32 parameter characteristic is also the parameter characteristic of the module.
2. 802.11b/g/WiFi + BT module.
3. Low power dual core 32-bit CPU, which can be used as application processor;
4. The main frequency is up to 240MHz, and the operation capacity is up to 600DMIPS.
5. Support UART / SPI / I2C / PWM / DAC / ADC and other interfaces;
6. Support openOCD debugging interface;
7. It supports multiple sleep modes, and the current reaches 6.5ua in deep sleep;
8. Embedded LwIP and FreeRTOS;
9. Support STA/AP/STA+AP mode;
10. Support Smart Config / Airkiss one key distribution network;
11. General at command, easy to use;
12. Support local serial port upgrade and remote upgrade (FOTA).

SPIFlash: default 32Mbit
Bluetooth: Bluetooth-compatible 4.2 BR/EDR and BLE standards
Supporting interfaces: UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, PWM, I2S, IR, ADC, DAC
On chip sensors: Hall sensor, temperature sensor, capacitive touch sensor
IO port: 22pcs
Serial port rate: 115200 BPS by default
Spectrum range: 2412 ~ 2484MHz
Antenna form: PCB antenna on board, gain 2dBi
Transmitting power: 802.11b: 17 ± 2dbm (11Mbps) 802.11g: 14 + 2dbm (54Mbps) 802.11n: 13 ± 2dbm (MCS7)
Receiving sensitivity: CCK, 1Mbps: - 90dbm CCK, 11Mbps: - 85dBm 6Mbps (1 / 2bpsk): - 88dbm 54Mbps (3 / 464-qam): - 70dBm mcs7 (65mbps, 72.2mbps): - 67dbm
Power consumption: 300mA 3.3V
Security: WPA / WPA2 / WPA2 Enterprise / WPS
Power supply range: USB power supply: 5V pin power supply: 5.0V~12V
Working temperature: - 20 ~ 85 ℃
Storage environment: - 40 ~ 90℃, < 90% RH
Product size: 52 * 29 * 15mm/2.04*1.14*0.59''

Datasheet pdf

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