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SIM800C Макетная плата GPRS GSM Bluetooth модуль с антенной

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SIM800C Development Board GSM Module Support Message Bluetooth TTS DTMF Quad-band

The module Basic features
51 STM32 AVR MCU compatible
Prototype expand
The frequency is 850/900/ 1800/1900 MHz
Power supply range: voltage is 5V-20V or 3.4-4.2V; current is 1A or more (the current is very important).
Operating temperature range: -40 degrees C to +85 C
Communication interface: The TTL level serial interface compatible 2.85/3.3/5v MCU
LED: Two led, the Net led and the PWR led.
SIMCARD: micro SIMCARD holder

Function: It supports text messaging, phone, GPRS data,HTTP protocol support, DTMF decoding, MMS, recording function, Bluetooth, TTS function and so on

Product Features:
1. Input voltage range of 5V-20V DC, power supply range for a variety of power supply occasions, students and projects to use more convenient, GPRS module communication peak current is very large, low voltage, so the higher development board power supply voltage, current The smaller the power supply pressure, the smaller the integration of the gprs module into the product, the power board of the development board needs to be taken into account, making the power line more than 1mm wide, as short as possible;
2 module connected to the power automatically connected to the network connection, no need to control the boot button, power on the direct start, eliminating the need for a boot process, set the boot pin, you can control the user to control the machine;
3. Module TTL with level conversion circuit, compatible with a variety of single-chip serial port. Do not need to convert directly connected;
4. Audio interface pin out the way to facilitate the test, set aside headset and microphone interface;
5. Support TTS \ DTMF function, you can text directly through the language broadcast and call to identify each other keys, to achieve and 10086 voice function;
6. Bluetooth, Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, enhanced Bluetooth antenna signal super, support for serial port SPP and audio services;
7. Reserved lithium battery-powered BAT interface, you can use lithium battery-powered, easy engineering development, 3.7V lithium battery or 18650 lithium battery;
8. Reserved IPEX interface, SMA interface, spring antenna interface, can be used for different occasions, different antennas
Product pin description:
GND: Power ground
VCC_IN: Power supply pin, input DC5V-20V, for powering the board
RI: Kernel Ringing Tip pin
DTR: Data terminal preparation
TXD: module serial port to send pin, TTL level (can not be directly connected to RS232 level)
RXD: module serial port receive pin, TTL level (can not be directly connected to RS232 level)
U2_R: module serial port 2 receive pin
U2_T: module serial port 2 send pin
V_M: then the target controller board microcontroller voltage 5V / 3.3V (according to their own microcontroller is how many v kernel to distinguish), the pin is used to convert the GSM module board TXD and RXD for the corresponding TTL logic
ADC: ADC detection
SPP: core audio output pin
SPN: Core audio output pin
MC-: core audio input pin
MC +: core audio input pin
PWR: Pull this pin to enable the module to turn on or off
BAT: lithium battery input pin, 3.3v-4.4v

IC's on the module:
1.MIC29302WU (other link)-High-Current Low-Dropout Regulator 3A TO-263-5

2.SMF05C (SMD code 5C)-5 volt ESD Protection Diode Array, 5-Line (case SC−88  SC70−6  SOT−363)

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