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R385 Водяной насос 12V Мембранный

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1. Wide range of uses
2. Long service life
3. Easy to install and easy to use
4. Small size
5. Low noise


Pump size: 90mm*40mm*35mm
Outlet diameter: inner diameter 6 mm, outer diameter 8.5 mm
Working voltage: DC12V, working current: 0.5-0.7A (power must reach above 6W)
Flow rate: 1.5-2L/Min (left and right), suction lift: 2 meters
Head: 3 meters vertically
Life: up to 2500H, water temperature: up to 80°C
Storage environment: -10°℃ to +50°℃, normal humidity, no immersion or splashing in water.


1.Regarding 6V power supply, the standard for this is that the power reaches 6W, that is, the current is more than 1A.
2.Four dry batteries cannot be used, some mobile phone chargers cannot be used, USB cables are connected to any equipment, and 9V disposable dry batteries are not acceptable. 6V1A (foot A power supply) and above are all possible!

Use Environment and Precautions:

1. The water pump is generally suitable for tea stoves and water pump products;
2. It is not suitable for working for a long time, and the pump will be damaged if the lift and suction are too high;
3. The water pump is not suitable for use: it is used when the water inlet pressure is large or the water outlet resistance is large. It is not a booster pump and cannot withstand pressure;
4. The inlet and outlet of the water pump are suitable for the use of silica gel pipes. PVC pipes or corrosive liquid bonding are not allowed;
5. The whole cannot be in contact with water (steam, damp places, etc.);
6. Liquid requirements: ordinary clean water (no impurities, viscous or corrosive liquids).

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