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Arduino NANO V3 BTE18-04 LGT8F328P HT42B534 Micro-USB

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Universal mini module compatible with the original Arduino, equipped with a LGT8F328D micro-controller compatible with MEGA328P and a Micro USB connector and HT42B534 programmer (version without pins). Can be used in many microprocessor projects. The board is compatible with Arduino project after downloading the module and programmer driver extensions.
A faithfully reproduced clone is a guarantee of operation and reliability.
NANO has the HT42B534 programmer for which you need an additional driver, which is below.
Thanks to the convenient Micro USB connector, it is easy to connect this module to a computer and to program. Thanks to its small size, it will be perfect for smaller projects.

Product features

The Nano version, like the Pro version, is based on the popular module
It has an LGT8F328P microcontroller, compatible with MEGA328P

  • 32kB Flash memory
  • 2kB of SRAM memory
  • E2PROM 0K / 1K / 2K / 4K / 8K (FLASH Share)
  • It is clocked with a 16 MHz clock signal.

The board has pins - outputs / inputs

  • 16 digital pins - can be used as input or output. The pins work in the 3.3V TTL standard. The efficiency of each of them reaches 40mA, and they also have built-in pull-up resistors. Some of the pins have additional functions (UART, INT, PWM, SPI, LED) including 8 PWM channels, e.g. for controlling servos / motors, e.g. SG-90 Servo TowerPro
  • 6 analog inputs, each of which enables measurement with 10-bit resolution. Some of the pins have additional functions (I²C, AREF, Reset).

Arduino Nano can be powered

  • via Micro-USB cable
  • from a stabilized voltage source of 3.3V.
  • Via the 5V connector
  • The programmer providing communication with the computer can be powered only via USB.

The board has a communication system with a computer through:

  • UART interface - based on pins 0 (RX) and 1 (TX).
  • USB - layout
  • In addition, I²C (TWI) and SPI interfaces are supported

Works with voltages of 3.3 / 5V, jumper selection.
Switch for manual reset
LEDs to control the operation of the system
Connectors arranged on the board allow you to connect the board directly to the contact plate.
This version has connectors for soldering
The programming is done with the Arduino IDE, free software that is extremely beginner-friendly. - IDE program - http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
The microcontroller on the board has a pre-installed bootloader that allows you to upload software without the use of additional hardware.
as standard, the module includes the BLINK LED 13 program and a bootloader
Additionally, it is possible to program the processor via ICSP.
A custom GUID (unique identifier) ​​can be used to encrypt the chip program

Technical data

Supply voltage: 3.3V / 5V
Programmer: HT42B534 - drivers: win 10, win 7 and older, drivers download required below
Microcontroller: LGT8F328P, compatible with MEGA328P - 16 MHz
Ports - I / O pins: 16
Number of analog inputs: 6
Number of PWM outputs: 8
Serial interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C
External interrupts
Protection against the flow of too much current
The module is made on a 0.8 mm thick laminate
Weight 5,2 g.
Pin pitch 2.54mm (can be mounted in contact plates)
Dimensions: 51x26 mm
32kB flash memory
E2PROM 0K / 1K / 2K / 4K / 8K (FLASH Share)
10-bit ADC (analog-to-digital conversion)

Notes on construction and connection

VCC is connected directly to the pins of the microcontroller, connecting a voltage higher than 5V may permanently damage the chip.
Inputs / outputs
Arduino Pro has 14 digital inputs / outputs (I / O).
Each pin allows the consumption of current with a maximum intensity of 40mA, which allows direct connection of LEDs with resistors and control of other integrated circuits.
In addition to the standard I / O, some outputs also have special functions.
Creating and uploading software is possible thanks to the free environment provided by the manufacturer.
you can use the PL2303 Programmer

Important and useful pages and descriptions

Arduino Pro Mini Home Page

IDE Program

Driver download page (also downloadable RAR file below)

The manufacturer's website HT42B534

HT42B534 programmer datasheet

Extension of boards in Arduino IDE GitHub

Board thread

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