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2с-1000ч Таймер-Многофункциональный чип триггера задержки

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Shape about 12mm * 12mm, operating voltage 2v-5v,
timing can be set to a minimum to a maximum of 2 seconds 1,000 hours, as indicated below description

Function and Design
1. The circuit according to claim connected and set a good time resistance and supply voltage;
2. Before the power not trigger output is high;
3. Trigger terminal "falling" trigger effective immediately
after the trigger output terminal goes low at the same time start the timer circuit;
4. Set the timer time to recover after the output terminal is high, wait for the next "falling" trigger;
5. The chip is not repeated triggered, meaning that
continue to trigger in the period after the trigger chip output low if the trigger is invalid;
6. The trigger end of "falling" Trigger refers to the instantaneous change from high level to a low level;
7. General refers to VCC high voltage, low means 0-0.3v or GND,
provided that they meet the level requirements can be;
8. trigger terminal can be connected to touch switch or microcontroller IO port or
other digital circuits have a "falling" can effectively trigger;
9. The trigger can be designed to power, only to trigger a short circuit to ground, power is triggered,
the time to recover after the output to a high level, waiting for the next
Falling edge trigger again.

Chip Feature:
1. The use of low-power CMOS technology, lead-free and environmentally friendly.
2. Direct Push can output low LED
(please add current limiting resistor), the output high may push transistor (please add current limiting resistor).
3. Available resistance adjusting timing, there are 8 * N (N = times the timing selection,
time can be adjusted from 2s-1000h.
4. Optional trigger timing and triggering termination ground electric timer.
5. standby output high, falling edge trigger, post-trigger output low, after the delay recovery high.

Digital Timer C005 is a trigger module with a duration of 2 seconds to 2 hours with a power supply of 5V. The module works in a very simple way, after applying a low GND signal to the trigger input pin, a low GND signal is fed to the output pin. The signal is present as long as the timer does not count down the time to the end, and the time is set by selecting the appropriate value of the RT resistor. There are also 2 configuration jumpers P1 and P2 in the module, jumpers act as multipliers of the time set by the resistor. P1 multiplies the set time x8 and P2 x16.

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